A downloadable game

You are a mask wearer in this devasted world, who live alone, far from any civilization.

One day, you see a gigantic wave of corruption that will destroy everything you know. Follow your instinct and search how to survive, and even try to reach civilization to bring them the knowledge of their fate.

A 20 minutes gameplay preview: 

You lose health every few seconds

Your hunger is unavoidable. You need to eat to recover health you lost in fight, by hunger or because of environment.

To find health and useful stuff, you will need to scavenge in trashes, siphon tanks and make offerings to the gods. You can trade stuff with the scrap you find.

Use your instinct to avoid death

Monsters live in the territories you have to cross, it's their natural habitat. Dash your way out when they are too many, and try to make them follow you in dangerous areas, like under a falling comet or on an explosive mushroom.

Your shotgun is really effective but ammos are rare, you must use melee attack when you run out of ressources.

Gas stations are the right place to find food and gas, but they shelter hostile creatures.

The game is still in development. I'm planning : 

  • multiple endings with different paths through different levels
  • a complete downloadable soundtrack
  • a deep story told with environment story-telling and through you master the game, with a relic collection you complete with specific conditions
  • a coherent visual style
  • unique post-apocalyptic-fantasyish universe inspired by Adventure Time, Nausicaä of the valley of the wind and Hyper Light Drifter

This is a one-guy project I'm working on since August 2017. It is far from over but I'm doing everything to make it fine to play. I'm doing everything including coding, music, sound-design, art, animation, game-design.

For the moment there are:

  • 7 zones with unique visuals, props and dangers
  • 10 unique enemies, 2 bosses with different attacks
  • a complete core gameplay
  • one ending with a cinematic
  • curses to add different spells and uniqueness to your character
  • relics to collect to learn about the world you live in

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