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The end of a world

Qolb is a survival action roguelite with strong lore elements. You play as Framboise, followed by a huge wave she must run from.

The game was developed by a single person. I worked on everything during two years and a half, from programming to animation, music composition and game design.

You must scavenge to survive

Your life bar is decreasing every few seconds. You have to eat to refill it and prevent hunger. You can find food in trash and soda dispensers.

When you use your dash ability too often, it will cost you life. Framboise was a fighter but she didn't use her powers for a long time.

Discover the Wreckage of the world

The world was destroyed before, and it is facing its next destruction; A gigantic wave is sinking everything in Corruption. Discover the lore of cities, characters, gods and creatures that populate the ruins. You will have over 50 lore informations to unlock to understand the story of the event you are living.

You will discover 2 different endings, 2 bosses, 6 areas, 10 enemies and an 18-tracks original soundtrack.

The original soundtrack is available on every streaming platform and on bandcamp.
I hugely suggest to play the game with an Xbox controller.


qolb.exe 276 MB

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