Street Bouillave is a versus fighting game on PC. It was made from 2017 to 2019, at DPS, the video game development club at the University of Franche-Comté.

Playable in the browser but it might have some lags and bugs. Download the executable for a better experience.

Playable characters :

  • Fridebörg: A boxer from the north, with a slightly long beard. He can't jump but can dash and hit strongly.
  • Borb the destroyer of worlds: Coming from a galaxy far from Earth, Borb needs to show its strength to be allowed to destroy the Milky Way.
  • Captain Bifflette: The one true superhero of Earth, Captain Bifflette, fight with his d*ck and his magic stick. (not available in censored version)
  • Le Plus Grand Jean de France: The biggest pants in the hexagonal country, here to kick your butt.

Keyboard controls:

Player 1Player 2
jumpZarrow up
crouchSarrow down
move rightDarrow right
move leftQarrow left
weak hitT7
strong hitY8
special hit 1G4
special hit 2H5


  • Fridebörg:
  • Boxing basics: weak + weak + weak
  • Angry dash: special2 + weak
  • Borb:
  • The 3 eras of destruction: weak + weak + weak
  • Captain Bifflette:
  • Dildomination: weak + strong
  • Le Plus Grand Jean de France:
  • The biggest tumble dryer of France: weak + weak + weak

How to play all characters:


  • Fridebörg is a strong character that rely on defense and waiting for the opponent's mistakes to punish it
  • Fridebörg can't jump
  • The last hit of Boxing basics breaks defenses
  • His crouch weak attack hits the knee really strong, increasing the stunbar, but has a low priority
  • The crouch strong attack hurts a lot
  • His first special is a bite that has a high priority and breaks the defenses
  • His second special is a dash that can be followed by a weak attack that increases a lot the stunbar


  • Borb has a good range but its good moves are slow, it is stronger in the air
  • The third era of destruction breaks the defenses
  • Its strong aerial attack makes it dive
  • Its weak aerial attack has a good priority
  • Its strong crouch & standing attacks really knock back the enemy
  • The first special attack attracts the enemy
  • Borb can create a pillar of light with its second special attack

Captain Bifflette:

  • Captain Bifflette can keep his opponent far while launching projectiles, and has good punishments against air-based opponents
  • Unlike other characters, Bifflette's combo is weak + strong
  • The weak crouch & standing attacks send the enemy in the air
  • The second hit of dildomination hurts harder on an enemy in the air
  • His weak aerial attack has a good priority
  • If your opponent is blocking you can use your strong aerial attack
  • His first special move pushes the opponent continuously
  • You can summon a spermatozoid with his second special

Le Plus Grand Jean de France:

  • This pair of jeans can counter projectiles and can rush on the opponent easily
  • The jean's third combo attack has a low priority but breaks the guard
  • Its weak aerial attack makes it dive
  • Its strong crouch attack is powerful but has a low priority
  • Its first special attack is a quick roll that hurts the opponent
  • The jean's second special is hard to master, but if well timed can stun the opponent instead of taking a hit, it even works really well with projectiles

Credits: Cyril Belfy & Simon "Zebu" Gigant

New characters could arrive in the future.

If you find any bug (we didn't test the game enough), post a comment or send a message :)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Jan 21, 2019
AuthorSimon Gigant
Made withGameMaker: Studio, Aseprite, FL Studio
Tags2D, Versus, versus-fighting
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


streetbouillave.exe 21 MB
streetbouillave(censured).exe 21 MB

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