The very last farm is a game about running a farm after the apocalypse where you control 3 grumpy amish. You need to feed them to avoid their death for a few more time.

There are 5 types of seeds you can plant. Each one has unique interactions with its environment. Choose carefully which one to plant in your situation.

  • Meatbean can give you food, but will grow weed around if you are too slow to harvest it.
  • Nuclealoès is the main source of seeds, if you don't know why you run out of seed, you know what to plant.
  • Explomegranate grow slowly but give you a lot of food. Don't let it wither!
  • Hazardoustem give food quickly, but when it withers, it grow other hazardoustem seeds all around.
  • Fountain flower waters near plants, but it need to be watered.

Be aware that weed stop the growth of near plants. You can remove them easily before they evolve into super weed!

The game is playable in the page. The loading can be long.

Controls :

Left clic : selection and  interaction

Spacebar : pause

The game was created during a game jam in 72 hours

Theme : The fridge is empty

Allifeur : Game Design

DantonSlip : Art & Animation

Zebu : Programming & Music

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsSimon Gigant, DantonSlip, Allifeur
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, amish, Arcade, Farming, Post-apocalyptic
Average sessionA few minutes


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I made a gameplay video of this game..... well umm yeah

its so hard but the main thing is the control. the control is fine actually but i seems cant really click on some of my grumpy

Did you try to go full screen ? I think the problem is because the window is too small

i didnt really go fullscreen but maybe its the problem :D thank you